Welcome to Octavia patterns

Build your handmade wardrobe with fashionable styles and experiment with new silhouettes.

All of our pdf sewing patterns come with clearly illustrated instructions and are optimised to save paper and piece together easily.

For me, there's no outfit I could love more than one I've created myself. Since childhood, I've enjoyed such a strong feeling of pride from artistic projects, but realising I could wear things I've dedicated so much passion to was a beautiful turning point in my creative journey.


It didn't take long (I'd made just two dresses!) before I wanted to break the rules and design my own. Unsurprisingly this experiment did not lead to my best make and I quickly reverted to obediently following instructions, but after two years spent filling my wardrobe with gorgeous handmade clothing from my favourite indie sewing patterns, I was itching to learn the secrets of pattern design.


I studied university pattern making textbooks, got addicted to Fashionary, and began to build a new wardrobe of self-drafted clothes. My friends wanted them, so I began sourcing on-trend fabrics and opened an Etsy shop. Then I got sick of sewing en masse - all I wanted to do was start on the next design.


When I decided to digitise my patterns, I wanted to focus on more modern styles and fashionable designs. The vintage sewing pattern industry is astonishingly well catered for, but the styles are not suited for many workplaces or to everyone's tastes. By carefully choosing fashionable designs that are likely to stick around for a few years rather than a few weeks, Octavia offers sewing patterns more akin to today's ready-to-wear styles.


So welcome, have a little look around, and don't be afraid to say hi! 

Much love!