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Does anyone else enjoy planning just as much as creating? I think I might even consider the planning stage my favourite part of a sewing project, closely followed by the pure satisfaction of completing an item.

A few years ago I discovered fashionary: a beautiful sketchbook especially for fashion designers – each page has 3 very faint croquis on them, so you can draw your ideas without worrying about getting the whole “looking like a proportionate human” thing right.

We’ve got along well, my fashionary and I, but I found I wanted to make a lot more notes around ideas than there was space for with 3 designs per page, not to mention how tall the figures are! Certainly anything on these 8ft tall ladies will look completely different on my mere 5ft frame!

The book is perfect for sketching out ideas for new designs, but when I want to add fabric swatches, pattern information, or fit or design hacks, the pages become more busy than beautiful.

With the decision to begin digitising my self drafted sewing patterns to pdfs, I’ve been taking various graphic design courses, and I realised that creating the perfect planning sheet would be a great exercise for me to practice a few new skills.

Octavia Sewing Project Planner

But I’m not selfish, so I decided to share it with the world! I’ve made it available in both A4 and US letter, and you can download it for free from the “free stuff” page. All I ask in return is that if you find it useful, please share the link on instagram, twitter, pinterest – wherever you hang out – with the hashtag #OctaviaPlanner and tell your sewing friends so they can enjoy it too.

The planner sheet features a back and front croquis with lots of space around it for voluminous designs, an area for attaching fabric samples, sections for pattern name, designer, variation, and notes on fit alterations or full on pattern hacking.

Happy planning!


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