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Well hello there, and welcome to Octavia, a shiny new one-woman independent sewing pattern company.

Some of you might know me as Jodie or Jodietip and I’m delighted to have this opportunity to tell you about Octavia and my journey to get here.

I absolutely love the beauty, friendliness, and diversity of the sewing world and am a big fan of indie patterns! I love vintage designs but also want to have a wardrobe filled with modern styles that I can wear to work, or on an evening out, as well as the unique wedding guest dress.

A couple of years ago I began sewing commissions, and soon decided to learn to design from scratch as well. This led to me stocking local indie shops with my handmade lingerie, and launching an Etsy shop with my favourite designs in carefully chosen fabrics. But as time went on I realised that whilst I love to sew, I didn’t want to be a solo staffed garment factory, and I was always itching to get started on the next design.

Naturally, offering said designs to the sewing community seemed like the polite thing to do so I put my graphic design hat on and started digitising the patterns, and now here we are! I’m still coming up with ideas faster than I can make them, but I’m so SO excited to see other sewist’s interpretations of my patterns!

I’ll be working to get the first few patterns online as soon as possible, and I already have sketchbooks full of future ideas but I absolutely want to know what YOU want as well – so come and find me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and say hi!

Finally I’d like to thank the hundreds of people who have already helped Octavia to get to this stage, by offering their thoughts and feedback, and supporting my vision for a modern and stylish sewing pattern brand. You’re all amazing, and I’ve listened to every single suggestion. I hope I’ve succeeded in creating something that gets your creative juices flowing – all will be revealed very soon!

With love and good vibes


One thought on “Welcome to Octavia

  1. Hi Jodie, your an inspiration to me! I’ve been toying with doing my own pattern designs putting my graphic designer cap on like you but not getting very far. Think it’s mostly to do with how lazy I am, not very motivated. But reading your story makes me smile and makes me want to be just like you. You go girl! :).

    Read your article on fabric markets and me and my sewing mates (who I met on a pattern cutting course) go to Birmingham market regularly and know what you mean about the remnants they sell off (one stall in particular comes to mind). Leicester market however is a new one on me, so based on your recommendation we’ll have to have a look.

    I’ll look you up on social media.

    Nicola (Annesley Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire)

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